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Refrigerator galleries

Everyone likes art on their refrigerator. While I don’t have children of my own, I proudly display some of my nephews’ work whenever I receive it. Of course, I don’t display it because the technical qualities rival the Mona Lisa, but because I value the artist. Well, we value our sponsored children, and in honor of Youth Art Month...

How would the disciples vote?

I mentioned last week in our chapel service at World Vision's U.S. headquarters about a recent Christianity Today article I read that I can't seem to get off my mind.

In the article, a recent survey (pdf) by the Pew Research Center showed that American evangelicals were more in favor of cutting federal spending to "aid the world's poor" than any other area. Second and third to cutting foreign aid were "government assistance for the unemployed" and "environmental protection."

As World Vision urges Congress right now to reconsider its possible budget cut that will greatly affect foreign disaster assistance by more than two-thirds, I wonder how Christians in Jesus' day would poll in a survey of this same sort.

From Polling Evangelicals: Cut Aid to World's Poor, Unemployed on Christianity Today:

The top choices among evangelicals for the chopping block are economic assistance to needy people around the world (56 percent), government assistance for the unemployed (40 percent), and environmental protection (38 percent).

In each of these categories, evangelicals were more supportive of decreasing spending than are other Americans. In fact, evangelicals were more supportive of funding cuts in every area except military defense, terrorism defense, aid to veterans, and energy.

GIK financial standards

In our ongoing series on Gifts-in-kind (GIK), today’s post covers financial topics - what influence overhead calculations have on organizational decisions and what standards of accounting we comply with in valuing donated resources.

The influence of overhead rate calculations on organizational decisions

All donated resources, including GIK, cash contributions, and government grants impact overhead rates. World Vision’s primary reason for acquiring GIK is to meet programmatic needs. Our earlier post about how GIK is a resource aligned within a larger community development program illustrates this. However, as an organization, we must prepare organizational plans to meet all of our obligations and provide balance in our financial portfolio....