The fight to end child trafficking continues

One year ago, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act -- the centerpiece of U.S. policies against modern-day slavery around the world -- expired because Congress failed to reauthorize it in time. Since then, concerned citizens and groups who work to protect children have advocated for the reauthorization bill to be passed.

Below is our latest update from Jesse Eaves, World Vision's child protection policy adviser.


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“Our fight against human trafficking is one of the great human rights causes of our time, and the United States will continue to lead it…”
—President Barack Obama, September 25, 2012

You said it, President Obama! Did you see the president give the first presidential address on human trafficking? If not, you should.

If you did, then you saw the leader of the free world give you a shout-out again and again. From commending faith-based groups and college students for their efforts, to calling out Congress for their failure to pass the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, this entire speech was a nod to the power of your voice.

The battle continues

There's no doubt about it. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is like Lazarus. It keeps coming back to life! We have you to thank for that.

Six new cosponsors have signed on in the past two weeks. We can expect even more now that President Obama has expressed his support.

Even though the Senate has adjourned until after the election, their offices are still open, and we can still add supporters and get to the magic number of 60 cosponsors.

Is your state listed below? We need your voice!

We've identified some senators whose support can help push us over the edge. If you are from any of these states or know anyone from these states, make a call to ask them to support S.1301 -- and then Tweet or Facebook them and urge them to cosponsor and then vote "yes" on S.1301.

Carper (D-DE)
Snowe (R-ME)
Lugar (R-IN)
Levin (D-MI)
Kohl (D-WI)
Inouye (D-HI)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Reid (D-NV)
Warner (D-VA)

After that, we'll turn our sights to the House of Representatives to make sure that the United States continues to be a global leader in combating modern slavery.

You play a central role in this. Keep it up. Let's give hope to the millions of slaves who we pray will soon be free.

As the president said, "We see you and we hear you." Let's make sure we all follow through and work for the freedom of all people through our voices, our wallets, and our prayers.

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    I deeply appreciate you spreading the words about child trafficking. I am currently in a Woman Studies class and we just learned about human trafficking. It is a horrible situation and I hope it would end soon. I wish you the best of luck in getting your goal of 60 cosponsors. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone that lives in the states that could help push you guys over the edge, but hopefully these senators would soon vote “yes” on S. 1301. I wish you guys the best of luck and someday in the near future millions of slaves will be free soon!

    Hi Nhung,

    It really is sad that human trafficking is something that people in our world face- this bill is one small step in ending their suffering. Thank you for your support!


    Lindsey, WV staff

    this is so serious that children are actually trafficked in this day and age. I think all you need to do is imagine your child taken away from you...
    What is the number in Texas to voice our "Yes" vote?

    Dear Senator,

    I feel that this issue is fundamental to civilization on earth in terms of being mindful of the children in this world who are vulnerable and taking some action for them. As such, I am hoping and trusting that you, in your position of authority and influence will use your influence to reauthorize the Trafficking Children Protection Act.

    Yours truly,

    mgmaldonado94@gmail.comy kids one from Bolivia, Mexico and Ghana. It's horrible what's happening can't even imagine what these angels are going through. As a parent to any of my sponsored little angels, it hurts my heart to even think that this could even happen to my kids! I pray so much for my kids that they may be well, safe, getting education, and never go hungry again. I don't know what goes on in the world, due to this horrible, aggressive, breast cancer that consume and invade my body, It's an excruciating battle that I go thought day, by day, & if this cancer doesn't kill me before all my treatments. Then I have to endure another 2 more surgeries. Sorry, I just wanted to point out that after I volenteered to serve my country after 911 sacrificing leaving my only child for the honorable thing to do knowingly we would be engaged in a war, I did consult with my child to see what he thought it became an agreement , left him with my husband & after engaging in two tours of 9 months at a time. Thankfully I was assigned shore duty & discharged due to medical reasons, under Honorable reasons & now I'm 100% disabled. If I can go through all this with the little income I get for being disabled. Then someone can step up to speak up & also help sponsor an angel or two. Thank you to all of you whom are helping these kids one way or another. May God Bless You & all your families as well....

    Sen. Kohl of WI is retiring. I have called his office twice (as have others). Even though a case of human trafficking was prosecuted in Milw., WI and I informed his staff of a case in my own small rural community, he has refused to act. I received a similar response from Sen. Johnson of WI. There are appropriated funds attached to this bill, so they won't act.

    It's shameful that Congress let this go.

    I am appalled! I was informed by the Washington state representatives that they would never let the human trafficking to continue! Since I've often seen children that were kidnapped end up living in a place not far from my residence, just how can I bring a good solid and clear effect to get children returned to their own parents? As well as make it completely understood and prevent having to deal with police and multiple government agencies in my area who simply ignore all of this?! In fact, routinely fabricate me as responsible for what I've never done rather than claim it as actually happening instead? JM

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