Let’s show the world our compassion and depth

One of my favorite bands is Band of Horses. I love all kinds of music and listen to different types, based on the mood I am in at that moment -- but I can always listen to Band of Horses. It’s all about their lyrics, which I find creative and often very thought-provoking.

“When the law acts as though there is nothing to show
There is compassion and depth in a neighbor”

Band of Horses, “Neighbor,” from the album “Infinite Arms,” 2010

Working for an organization that focuses on international relief and development, I often think about who my neighbor is. Naturally, it is the person who physically lives next door to me -- but I also recognize that we live in a big world that, despite its size, is also interconnected.

Every life has value in the eyes of God, who calls us to love our neighbor. So what does that mean in a global sense?

My neighbor is the mother in India who struggles to find clean water to give to her children so that they don’t suffer the ravages of diarrhea.

My neighbor is the woman in Uganda who doesn’t have access to a health worker who can teach her about proper nutrition during her pregnancy so that her child isn’t born too soon -- or with developmental challenges that will impact his or her future.

My neighbor is the child who does not have a mother because she did not have access to a birth attendant who could deal with complications during delivery.

Sometimes, it is up to us as global neighbors to call attention to the issues of poverty and injustice around the world, particularly when governments are not giving these matters proper attention.

That is the goal of the Global Festival, which will be held on September 29 in New York's Central Park. World Vision is partnering with the festival, including Band of Horses, to help raise thousands of voices in unison around the need to address extreme poverty.

World Vision is helping to bring focus during the festival to issues around maternal health, which has a huge impact on child survival and development. Forty percent of child deaths occur during the first month of life, and most of these deaths are preventable through better nutrition and access to health services for mothers before, during, and immediately after childbirth.

You can help. Raise your voice. Take action. In the process, you have the chance to win tickets to the concert in Central Park -- but you also have the chance to help millions of our neighbors around the world live full and healthy lives.

Let’s show the world our compassion and depth.

Learn more about World Vision's campaign for child health, including our efforts to end the preventable deaths of children under age 5.

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