Why World Vision? Water, sanitation, and hygiene

Providing access to clean water, combined with sanitation facilities and hygiene training, is foundational to World Vision's holistic approach to community development. All week, we look forward to sharing with you the impact that our work in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) has already made, as well as the future of this critical work.

And we're excited to share with you a surprise: We've partnered with Jedidiah Clothing to create a limited edition t-shirt line to support our campaign. See the link below!

Why World Vision? Water, sanitation, and hygiene | World Vision Blog

Be sure to check back throughout the week for stories about our work in the field, as well as interviews with WASH program experts!

Sponsoring a child helps provide clean water and other life-saving basics. Join us in fighting poverty holistically for just $35 a month. Change a child's life for good!

And t-shirts are here! Through World Vision's GIVEN program, in partnership with Jedidiah Clothing, we've designed limited-edition shirts portraying each sector of our work. Check out the designs for WASH!

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