[Photos] Children share their dreams

All this month, we've been encouraging our friends and supporters to participate in our #Dreamshare project by sharing your dreams -- for the world, your community, your family, your sponsored child, or particularly for Syrian refugees.

Today, we're sharing with you the dreams of children from around the world. In the photos below, the children are holding up signs that display their dreams, sharing them with the world.

1. "My dream is to be an English translator because that is what my dad is." –Nary, age 7, Cambodia

Nary, age 7, Cambodia (Photo: World Vision 2013)


2. "My dream is to become a pediatrician, to help children that are in need in my country." –Marissa, age 11, Dominican Republic

Marissa, age 11, Dominican Republic (Photo: World Vision 2013)


3. “I dream about becoming a rescuer.” –Liana, age 14. She lives with her mother and sister in a small house in Yerevan, Armenia. Her father died 10 years ago.

Liana, age 14, Armenia (Photo: World Vision 2013)


4. "My dream is to be a police officer so my village is safe.” –Joseph, age 9, Malawi

Joseph, age 9, Malawi (Photo: World Vision 2013)


5. "My dream when I am grown is I want to be a doctor." –Jericia, Mozambique

Jericia, Mozambique (Photo: World Vision 2013)


6. "My dream is to become a hairdresser. I love to cut hair and when I see someone wearing a nice haircut, I like that person, too. Until now, I cut the hair of my dolls.” –Jelena, age 13, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jelena, age 13, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Photo: World Vision 2013)


7. "My name is Souk. My dream is that I be able to be a teacher because I want to be a good role model to other children to be good children and gain high knowledge.” –Souk, age 8, Laos

Souk, age 8, Laos (Photo: World Vision 2013)


8. “I dream to become a teacher because I like to teach the children in my village and help them in their studies.” –Sobiga, age 10, Sri Lanka

Sobiga, age 10, Sri Lanka (Photo: World Vision 2013)


9. "My mother has been suffering from some chronic illness for years. My dream in life is to become a doctor so that I can treat her and all others who are like her.” –Nabeela, age 9, Pakistan

Nabeela, age 9, Pakistan (Photo: World Vision 2013)


10. "I dream to become a journalist." –Erestina, age 12, Albania

Erestina, age 12, Albania (Photo: World Vision 2013)


11. “My dream is to be a computer technician.” –Movunvivatah, age 11, Cambodia

Movunvivatah, age 11, Cambodia (Photo: World Vision 2013)


12. "My dream is to become a school teacher so I can teach children in my community because so many of them are illiterate.” –Anne-Love, age 15, Haiti

Anne-Love, age 15, Haiti (Photo: World Vision 2013)


13. “I dream to become a doctor because the hospital in my village is too busy and must turn away many sick people. When I become a doctor, I can help them.” –Meena, age 9, India

Meena has four sisters. Her family used to be able to send only her oldest sister to school, but encouragement from World Vision about the importance of education means that all of the sisters go to school now.

Meena, age 9, India (Photo: World Vision 2013)


14. “My dream is that I want to be a doctor because I want to cure the sick people and I want to be healthy.” –Olarnor, age 11, Laos

Olarnor, age 11, Laos (Photo: World Vision 2013)

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