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    A pig tale from Rwanda

    How can the gift of pigs help keep a family out of poverty, while creating hope and opportunity? Read this inspiring story from the Kahi community of Rwanda to find out.

    *     *     *

    “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home…”

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      An open letter to our generous donors

      In December, World Vision's Kirsten Stearns traveled with our True Spirit of Christmas Trip to Sri Lanka and Zambia to see firsthand how gifts from the Gift Catalog are helping to change the lives of children and families in need.

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        DAY 4: How to milk a cow [VIDEO]

        You voted to have Kirsten milk Chooti the cow... and so today, she did! And it went a little something like this....

        *     *     *

        “Our journey began…”

        This is how the DD Karunaratne, the father, described the impact of Chooti the cow on his family. When they received the cow, their journey began.

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          Wars, floods and the gift of chickens (2011 True Spirit of Christmas)

          Yesterday, November 28, marked the start of World Vision's 2011 True Spirit of Christmas trip -- a three-week quest to discover the true meaning of the season and to witness just how Gift Catalog donations impact children and families around the world.  This post was written by Kirsten Stearns, host for this year's trip, on day 1 from the community of Horowpothana in Sri Lanka.

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            A different kind of Cyber Monday

            I dread holiday shopping.

            It’s difficult enough to figure out just the perfect gift for each and every loved one on your holiday list. But if you add in the hassle of navigating crowded shopping malls, long lines, and busy parking lots, I know I’m destined for an instant stress headache before I even walk through the store’s doors.

            No wonder so many of us have resorted to ditching traditional brick-and-mortar shopping and have opted for virtual shopping. And it’s no wonder this Cyber Monday could exceed $1 billion for the second year in a row.

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              Holiday gift guide: 30 meaningful gifts under $50

              Does your holiday shopping list look anything like this?

              iPad 2: $499. Kindle Fire: $199. UGG boots: $150. Long lines. Busy parking lots. Good finds for $30 are now good finds for $50 -- and it's really a bargain if your $300 gift is reduced to $200 in a Black Friday sale.

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                Giving Christmas away

                Not too long ago, I received the kindest of emails from Marina, the famed Energizer Bunnies' Mommy from the Energizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports blog. Marina shared with me an idea she and another blogger had about using their social media influence to inspire readers to make Christmas meaningful for more than just their own children this year.

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                  Royal gift poll results

                  Elegant, regal, ceremonious, formal, beautiful -- these are all words that might be used to describe Prince William and Kate's wedding after this weekend's royal wedlock. But as any married person (or former wedding party member) knows, it is not without great planning that a "dream" wedding comes to life. There are dress fittings, cake tastings, floral appointments, seating charts... and perhaps one of the more exciting pre-wedding activities -- the gift registry.

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