Kenya through Kris' eyes

    Since I’ve gotten back from World Vision's 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour, I'm frequently asked: “Didn’t you go to Kenya?  How was that?”

    I’m never one to answer really fast, because I always want to give a real answer. I could just say, “It was great!” -- and the conversation would end there, but that would defeat the purpose of why I went.

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      [Video] Thank you from Kris Allen

      This Christmas season, you had the chance to follow along as Kris Allen journeyed to Kenya to learn what really happens when you give gifts through the World Vision Gift Catalog. Today, Kris Allen has a special message for you!

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        [VIDEO] A special carol for a sacred night

        Merry Christmas from the World Vision family.

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          From Alabama with Love to India

          Andrea Zahler wound her way along a narrow pathway in a small farming village near Sitapur, India, past oxen laying in the sun and mud-walled homes where chai is brewed atop small, open wood-fired stoves.

          Andrea was a World Vision Child Ambassador in the truest sense that day. She was going to meet a sponsored child named Laxmi Ramhit, a 12-year-old Indian girl with a shy smile and deep doe eyes.

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            Education for every child

            “Education for every child,” says Anne Wachira. These words are the mission statement of the school where she has taught for 8 years. But these are not just words to Anne, they carry a much deeper meaning.

            “As I came to this area, I was touched by the way the children were. They were illiterate. That’s why I started to work at this school.”

            Anne was determined to see change in the lives of her students.

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                [Video] Sponsorship: a lifetime of change

                Before sponsorship, Brian and his family didn't have a roof over their heads. They didn't have a lamp to see at night.

                But all of that changed after Brian became sponsored and received a special gift from his sponsor in the United States.

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                    Sponsorship: A light in Brian’s future

                    In the most beautiful, mountainous landscape you could ever imagine, the Rift Valley of Kenya is a land of contrasts.

                    While waterfalls, canyons, and wild monkeys complement glorious sunsets, not all who find themselves in this land have time to appreciate its beauty -- at least, not when basic needs aren’t met.

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                    Through the crazy red dirt and rocky “roads” in Bartabwa, we found ourselves sitting in a church with no walls in front of a glowing woman who, though shy at first, was excited to share her story.

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