A father becomes a leader

On this Father’s Day, join us in celebrating the success of the World Vision-supported project “The Father Program” in Sri Lanka, which is now starting up in four other countries! Surendralingam is one of the fathers who has turned his life around by applying what he learned from this program.

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Old habits do not die hard for Surendralingam, who lives in Maskeliya, Sri Lanka.

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    Birthday celebrations: Wild for World Vision!

    "Wild for World Vision! That’s what I am, and that was the theme of my 13th birthday party this year!"

    Emily Hadigian turned 13 in January. But this year, she wanted to use the gift-giving part of her birthday celebration as a donation to World Vision, using it to help change the world.

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      Top 10: Register your wedding with World Vision's Gift Catalog

      Wedding season starts next month! Are you getting married, but feel like you already have everything you need to start a home together? Use the day that will change your lives forever to help change lives all around the world!

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        [Infographic] How will you spend Valentine's Day?

        Love is in the air this week as millions prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day. There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to spoil your loved ones; we all do it occasionally.

        At the same time, we wanted to ask the question: How much money do Americans spend each year on Valentine's Day -- and what impact could that amount make in fighting global poverty?

        This isn't meant to induce guilt; instead, consider it a source of encouragement as to how effectively you can make a difference with the resources you have!

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            Kenya through Kris' eyes

            Since I’ve gotten back from World Vision's 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour, I'm frequently asked: “Didn’t you go to Kenya?  How was that?”

            I’m never one to answer really fast, because I always want to give a real answer. I could just say, “It was great!” -- and the conversation would end there, but that would defeat the purpose of why I went.

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              [Video] Thank you from Kris Allen

              This Christmas season, you had the chance to follow along as Kris Allen journeyed to Kenya to learn what really happens when you give gifts through the World Vision Gift Catalog. Today, Kris Allen has a special message for you!

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                [VIDEO] A special carol for a sacred night

                Merry Christmas from the World Vision family.

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                  From Alabama with Love to India

                  Andrea Zahler wound her way along a narrow pathway in a small farming village near Sitapur, India, past oxen laying in the sun and mud-walled homes where chai is brewed atop small, open wood-fired stoves.

                  Andrea was a World Vision Child Ambassador in the truest sense that day. She was going to meet a sponsored child named Laxmi Ramhit, a 12-year-old Indian girl with a shy smile and deep doe eyes.

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                    Education for every child

                    “Education for every child,” says Anne Wachira. These words are the mission statement of the school where she has taught for 8 years. But these are not just words to Anne, they carry a much deeper meaning.

                    “As I came to this area, I was touched by the way the children were. They were illiterate. That’s why I started to work at this school.”

                    Anne was determined to see change in the lives of her students.

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