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Bringing happiness to a child named Happy

Bringing happiness to a child named Happy | World Vision Blog

Sponsored child Francis and his friend Happy (right), both 12, display orange World Vision Hope bracelets. (Photo: ©2005 World Vision/photo by Brian Sytsma)

Many names help give meaning to a person’s life. For International Day of Happiness, we’re celebrating children around the world with the name Happy!

Hear what makes some of our Happy-named staff happy, and see a fun way that you can bring a little happiness to the world today.

Facing responsibility: The face of a refugee child

Facing responsibility: The face of a refugee child | World Vision Blog

Haya, a refugee from Syria living in Jordan, was 10 when Rich Stearns met her in 2013. (Photo: ©World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Today begins the seventh year of the Syrian refugee crisis.

In 2013, when the crisis was relatively young, our president Rich Stearns met 10-year-old Haya in Jordan. The poem and letter she read to him that day became a pivotal moment in his life: “Do you ever think of the children of Syria?”

Hear from Rich about the impact of that moment, and three and a half years later, join us in reconnecting with Haya.

Investing from the heart

Investing from the heart | World Vision Blog

Global 6K for Water participants at the 2016 race in Chicago. (Photo: ©2016 Gaceface Media)

Asking others to help you fundraise can feel awkward and scary. But it doesn’t have to. Maybe instead of asking for help from their wallet, you can invite them to invest their heart in a cause you believe in.

Here are three ways to help you overcome your fear of fundraising!

Three Kentucky Derbies for clean water

Three Kentucky Derbies for clean water | World Vision Blog

4-year-old Terendash gets a chance to ride a horse outside his family's Ger in Mongolia. (Photo: ©2015 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

At the Kentucky Derby on May 6, 3-year-old thoroughbred horses will race for 10 furlongs. Also on May 6, people will come together worldwide to walk or run 30 furlongs—three Kentucky Derbies—for clean water.

David Henriksen, CEO of iDisciple, grew up in Kentucky, but this year will be spending his first Saturday in May a little differently.

Which race will you be part of on May 6?

When a mother dies

When a mother dies | World Vision Blog

A woman holds an infant in a village in Indonesia. (Photo: ©2014 World Vision/photo by Bartolomeus Marsudiharjo)

What happens when a mother dies? In poorer parts of the world, like the highlands of Papua, Indonesia, a mother's death can be especially devastating to her family's livelihood and survival.

And in 2015, 760 mothers-to-be died every day.

This International Women’s Day, let’s #BeBoldforChange by helping to ensure that poor mothers survive childbirth.

Seeing the real faces of the global water crisis

Seeing the real faces of the global water crisis | World Vision Blog

Kararok scoops dirty water from a hole dug into a dry riverbed in Kenya. (Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

663 million people don't have clean water. It's a difficult number to imagine. But it's time to start putting real faces to this number.

Start with one. Because one more child with clean water brings 663 million down to 662,999,999. And one by one we can bring clean water to children across the globe.

See a great place to start!

Nivesh begins to dream of water and beyond

Nivesh begins to dream of water and beyond | World Vision Blog

11-year-old Nivesh at her school in Zambia. (Photo: @2014 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Without clean water, you and your clothes stay dirty. Imagine being too ashamed to go to church. To school. Without hope or community around you.

Nivesh is a girl whose dreams were dying before they ever had a chance. See how the promise of clean water is giving new life to her dreams!